Hello Player’s,

Hope you are doing well. So our #1 Give Away went well and I am sure that the most of users have already fulfilled both of the rules. If you haven”t done registration , kindly fill the form given in previous article.

see url Problem faced during 1st Give Away

*As we created only 100 member contest, only 100 player’s were able to participate. So many players missed the opportunity to win.

So to tackle the above problem, opzioni binarie 1 ora strategie we will be creating Maximum 6 leagues(100 members /contest) tomorrow. In each league their will be single entry for single user. here But if all leagues don’t fill we will not create more leagues.

see Ex. If league 2 don’t fill, we will not create league 3.

source link Q. So how you can enter with 6 team ?

membership fees for dating sites Ans. You can join with 6 different teams, in 6 different leagues (i.e 1team / league). So it will maximize your chance of winning. So a player, who missed joining in 1st league, still have chance to win by joining in other leagues.

http://bowlnorthway.com/?jisdjd=broker-opzioni-binarie-in-demo&725=cb Q. League Timings ?

source url Ans. So we will be creating 6 leagues at 6 different time (Timing listed below). We also expect this will help unique players to take part, otherwise same players would have taken part in all 6 leagues.

follow League 0: 2am

follow League1: 10am

watch League2: 11:30am ( having dreams about dating someone else Or when League 1 fills up)

League3: 1pm ( sominex online Or when League 2 fills up)

buy fincar on line League4: 2:30pm ( buy trazodone no prescription Or when League 3 fills up)

League5: 4:00 pm ( Or when League 4 fills up)

Q. How we will decide winners ?

Ans: Please understand the below details of how we will decide winners, because it may happen that you have secured 1st spot in your league still you might not win.

League1 Standings: Top 10 players

League2 Standings: Top 10 players

League3 Standings: Top 10 players Or 10 % of total players

League4 Standings: Top 10 players Or 10 % of total players

League5 Standings: Top 10 players Or 10 % of total players

League6 Standings: Top 10 players Or 10 % of total players

*We will create a list of all top10 players list from all leagues. So we will have approx 50-60 players.

*The Top 5 players of this, 50-60 members will be winner. Top 5 players will be decided based upon their team points.

Also this time we have increased reward amount to 150 instead of 100. Winning amount will be distributed between Top 5 players (Similar to dream11 win sharing percentage).

Reward: Rs150

TIP: Try to enter in all leagues as it will increase your winning chances. Try to go with some unique teams, in some leagues it might turn out to be a game changer for you.

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